FSN 5895-01-240-0577 - - Award Date 30 December 1988 - - Contract DAAB0789CM013 Collins Part Number: 689-4400-001

Updated 65 May 2011


Collins Radio was perhaps the primary technology provider to much of the world military organizations. This was a system designed for NATO use as part of a command and control system. The unit shown in the pictures is Serial Number 1. We have been told that 25 units were made. We can account for only two of them.

The shelter unit was desigend as a Command and Control system and could communicate on a variety of local (tatctical) radio networks as well as communications with rear located organizations. Using a combination of HF, VHF-low, VHF-High, and UHF-LOS and SATCOM, it could interface with nearly any deployed radio system.

Each of the three HF radio systems is capable of handling 4 full-duplex 3.0 KHz VF circuits (full 4 channel ISB). Two HF systems operated at 1 Kw output power and one system at 10 Kw using the HF-8022 Amplifier.

The system also contains 2 VHF radios (AN/ARC-186), one radio is for AM aircraft operation (108-150 MHz) and the second one for FM-low (30-88 MHz) tactical units. There is also 1 UHF radio for AM (225-399.975 MHz) and one SATCOM radio (AN/WSC-3).

Here is a photo of the system inside the shelter (2 MB size)

We will restore the unit we have to support as much of the original functionality and hopefully, with the original equipment. However, we are planning to use current technology from Collins if available.

The original shelter could support 32 two-wire telephone users and 16 four-wire subscribers. We will provide this same type of capability also with the use of Cisco VOIP technology and will support several hundred local users. In the original configuration (1990), the AN/TSC-118 would support 32 or 48 Teletype subscribers depending on how the Teletype user was connected. We will support up to PC users over a local area network (LAN) and one virtual Teletype user as the use of Teletype is very marginal. In addition, we will support remote PC users on the 801.11b or .11g (WiFi) up to 75-100 meters (200-350 feet) from the shelter.

We will also provide access for remote users up to 20 kilometers away from the shelter over fiber optic cable if needed. The shelter is currently equipped with a single 100 meter cable and two 250 meter fiber cables.

Consists of: 

3 T-1453/TSC-60			HF-8014A Exciter 

1 AM-7144/TSC-60 		HF-8022 Amplifier, 10 KW

2 AM-7163/TSC-60 		HF-8023 Amplifier, 1 KW

2 PP-7830/TSC60(V)		HF-8032 Power Supply (208 VAC 3 Phase)

3 R-2222/TSC-60 		HF-8054 series receiver

1 AN/ARC-164 			225-400mHz, 25kHz spacing, AM 1-10w, FM 100W, Power is 12, 24 or 28VDC
				Product description

2 RT-1300/ARC-186 		30-87.975 MHz FM and 108-151.975 MHz AM, [108-155.975 in the VHF-186 version], 
                   		20 channel presets and with manual tune in 25kHz steps
                   		10 watts RF output AM/FM, Guard channel: 41.5/121.5 MHz, 
				28 VDC at 4A, 5"x5"x6.5", 6.5lbs

1 AN/WSC-3			225-400 MHz, AM and FM plain and secure voice, 5KHz channel spacing, 
				100W out FM, 30W AM, 115/230 VAC. 
				Uses modified RT-1107/WSC-3  
				155 Lbs. USAF Technical Order: 31R5-2WSC3-1-1-1)
				AN/WSC-3 Models
				AN/WSC-3 Models - continued

2 MD-1187 			Modem, Single channel

2 MD-1186/G 			Modem, single channel

2 MD-1185/G 			Modem, 16 channel

1 AS 3438/G 			Antenna, SATCOM
1 AS 1703 			Antenna, VHF-FM, VHF-AM 
1 AT-197A/GR 			Antenna, UHF-AM  

Shelter Power Required: 	110/208, 3 phase, 50-400 Hz, 38.2 KW
Shelter Size:			147 inches long x 87 inches tall x 86.4 inches wide 

It will be a struggle to restore this unit with the same equipment as origiinally furnished as these items are very rare or extremely expensive on the open market. However, we will be able to restore the two HF-80 series 1 KW radio ansmitters well as the AC and HVAC systems. We will use an AN/ARC-114 rather than the AN/ARC-186 as we have one unit on hand. We also have a AN/URC-110 to replace the AN/WSC-3. We can also install a AN/ARC-116 as a second UHF-AM system. The VHF-AM Radio will be replaced by a pair of Collins VHF-20 radios.

Restoration Tasks

The trailer (dolly) is in working condition however it will require some work.
1.	Rust removal (started)
2.	The brake system (all three) need a complete overhaul as they are not working (DONE).
3.	The trailer emergency and turn signals should be converted to 12 VDC to match the towing vehicle (DONE).
4.	The cable for the lights from the trailer to the truck needs to be fabricated (DONE).
5.	The jack as well as the lug wrench for the tires needs to be found (DONE).
6.	The right front steering rod needs to be replaced (DONE).
7.	The end of travel bolts for the front wheels needs to be replaced (DONE).

The physical shelter also needs work. 1. The mount for the steps is broken (simple welding will fix this) (DONE). 2. Numerous access panels need the rubber rain protection replaced (DONE). 3. Some of the access panels screws are missing and need to be replaced (DONE). 4. The VHF Antenna mount needs remounting. Will also need to find a whip for this antenna(ALMOST DONE) 5. The HF Insulator is missing and needs replacement. This is the 10 KW one but the 1 KW's are missing also. 6. Have removed the cut electrical (AC) wiring in the shelter (MOSTLY DONE). 7. Started laying out the floor plan in order to put all the spring mounts back in place (MOSTLY DONE). 8. Looking on the Internet for all the missing or broken electrical connectors (LIFETIME TASK). 9. The GPS Antenna needs to be remounted in a better place to reduce the chance of breaking off during transit. 10. The new AC unit has an issue. Looking for a repair shop for it. 11. Adding Fiber Optic capability to shelter to allow for remote users to access internal systems 12. Will use VOIP capability rather than circuit switched wiring 13. The Teletype unit has be cleaned and is working 13. The HF-80 1 KW systems are being cabled now 14. The Generator system has been cleaned and restored to 100% operational status 15. A stratum I GPS clock source has been added to provide increased level of timing 16. A 10 MHz reference source has been added to increase frequency stability. 17. A seven (7) meter tower assembly has been found and will be used to provide the WiFi network 18. A Harris NVIS antenna was purchased to provide regional coverage for ALE use. 19. A C/Ku-Band system has been purchased to provide backhaul capability 20. INMARSAT Standard M will be used for Orderwire capability during system setup

The AN/TSC-118 system photos are here and here

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