AN/TSC-118 Images

These are the second set of early photos of the AN/TSC-118 after I received it. It needs a lot of work but overall, it is not that bad.

Photos taken in December 2009

External view of the Telco entrance panel

External view of the AN/WSC-3 access panel

HF Connections (low power)

Line of Sight (LOS) Access Panel

LOS Access Panel

LOS Access Panel - closed

Intake air panel for HF-8022 and to the right, the small 10 KW output access panel

Output for hot air from HF-8022

Entrace facility - Teletype (24 remote terminals)

Brake assembly - needs to be replaced

Hitch limit pins to be replaced

Note - the picture is sideways. Data Connections

Inside view of LOS Radio Entrance Panel (good shape)

Inside View of Air Conditioning intake and the HF Receive Antenna connections

Internal view of AC Exhaust vent

Internal view of WSC-3 Entrance panel - will be used for INMARSAT connections and UHF Radio

Inside view of HF Antenna Entrance panel (1 KW radios)

Internal view of Telco entrance facilities - Will use the top empty panel for the RJ-45 Connectors

Electrical Service Panel

Main Circuit Breaker - 300 Amps - Three Phase

Forward Wall area - ceiling. Note the spring mounts. Also missing a lamp and many covers. (lamp is now replaced)

Forwrd wall area - floor - note the heavy duty spring mounting. Should support the HF-80 Equipment.

HF-8022 Vents

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