AN/TSC-118 Images

These are the early photos of the AN/TSC-118 before I received it. It needs a lot of work to restore it.

2006 or 2007

Please note the serial number being #1
September 2009

Rear view of the shelter and the entrance.

From the shelter entry to the front of the shelter (12 feet or 4 meters).

Electrical Entrance Panel. Three Phase power

Spring mounts for the equipment racks

The combined system is long. You need to drive very carefully.

Tow Bar

This trailer has a long tow bar and when you drive on the road, you are about 35 feet long!
December 2009 - Now it is in my drive way...

Parked with towing light cable still running on left side of shelter.

Blocks of wood to prevent it from rolling down the driveway

Rear entry to the shelter. The right support to the step assembly on the shelter needs to be replaced

Left front Steering Rod. Small rust but OK.

The tactical repair of right front steering rod

This needs to be replaced ASAP. Also the trailer break system needs to be overhauled.

Serial Number from the actual shelter provider

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