The OK-145 Control system and related information used on the URG-II System

Information was dated in late 2011 was obtained from the service documents.

OK-145 CONTROL HEAD   OR  C-8376/TSC-60 CPN 777-1571-001

This is pin connections on the OK-145 that will then connect to the GRR-18 and the GRT-17

D  =        Test Point (Unused)
E  =        Test Point (Unused)
F  =        Order Wire (Unused)
G  =        Order Wire (Unused)
H  =        Audio Monitor Bus (Unused)
J  =        Audio Monitor Bus (Unused)
K  =        A2 TRANSMIT AUDIO (Unused)
L  =        A2 TRANSMIT AUDIO (Unused)
M  =        A1 TRANSMIT AUDIO (Unused)
N  =        A1 TRANSMIT AUDIO (Unused)
P  =        B1 TRANSMIT AUDIO (Unused)
R  =        B1 TRANSMIT AUDIO (Unused)
S  =        B2 TRANSMIT AUDIO (Unused)
T  =        B2 TRANSMIT AUDIO (Unused)
U  =        A2 RECEIVE AUDIO
V  =        A2 RECEIVE AUDIO
W  =        A1 RECEIVE AUDIO
X  =        A1 RECEIVE AUDIO
Y  =        B1 RECEIVE AUDIO
Z  =        B1 RECEIVE AUDIO
a  =        B2 RECEIVE AUDIO
b  =        B2 RECEIVE AUDIO
c  =        Test Point (Unused)
d  =        Test Point (Unused)
e  =        Test Point (Unused)
f  =        Test Point (Unused)
g  =        Test Point (Unused)
h  =        Test Point (Unused)
j  =        Test Point (Unused)
k  =        Test Point (Unused)
x  =        PTT Key (Unused)
y  =        PTT Key (Unused)
z  =        Carrier Bus twisted pair
AA =        Carrier Bus twisted pair
BB =        Carrier Bus shield
CC =        Control Bus twisted pair
DD =        Control Bus twisted pair
EE =        Control Bus shield
FF =        Monitor Bus twisted pair
GG =        Monitor Bus twisted pair
HH =        Monitor Bus shield

GRR-18  	Receiver-Exciter, 2-30 MHz  U/W GRT-17  P/O Collins URG-11
CH-644/GRR-18   Exciter Rack
CH-645/GRR-18   Receiver Rack
CV-2649/	GRR-18 Amp. Conv. Also U/W GRT-17
CV-2653/	GRR-18 AF Detector  250 KHz IF
PP-4992/ARC-132 GRR-18 Power Supply
TS-2923/	GRR-18 Rcvr Test Unit

GRT-17		2-30 MHz Driver  P/O Collins URG-11, U/W GRR-18, C-8364/TSC
CH-644,645/	GRT-17 Exciter & Receiver Racks

Radio Radio site

GRR-18/GRT-17   RECEIVER-EXCITER MODULES & RACKS from "complete" group pictured. 
	        Black box modules fit into rack slot. "USED-NOT TESTED". 

TS-2923/GRR-18 (599H3) RECEIVER TEST, $39.50 

CV-2649/GRT-17 (888B-1) AMPLIFIER CONVERTER, provides output signals for exciter from 250 KHz IF input; 
               less cover, 8 lbs sh. $99.50 

CV-2653/GRR-18 (889A-2) 
		AUDIO FREQUENCY DETECTOR for receiver, 7 lbs sh, $125.00 
CH-645/GRR-18   RECEIVER RACK only; no module clips. 10.4x18.8x22.6, 18 lbs sh. $65.00 
CV-2649/	GRT-17 Amplifier-Converter

CU-2294/TSC-60	Antenna coupler, 1.6-30 MHz, 1 KW, Part of TSC-60

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