Rockwell-Collins Antenna Couplers

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Antenna Couplers and Preselectors (as we understand it)

Rockwell-Collins made a number of Antenna couplers and Pre-selectors in that evolved over the years. We will try to show the various models and what ever information we know. If we have pictures, we will use them to help you understand what you may have found or want. We find much of the information from numerous Google and MSN searches as well input from personal sources. It just takes a lot of time to dig this stuff up.


992E-1		Rack mounted for user with the 651 Receiver (or 851 Receiver if you make your cable).
		Often used with the 671U-4A Receiver-Exciter (see wiring information to make your own cable)
        	Requires an external source of 28 VDC (< 1 amp)
		Uses the 635U-2 preselector inside the housing. 
		We use our unit with the HF-8054A receiver and with a DC supply that powers the preselector and the
		the outdoor magnetic loop antenna (a Hermes). 
		You can download the manual here on the 992E-1 Shelf. Here is the Service Manual

635U-1		To be added

635U-2		To be added (we have three of them but no technical documents - all work which is good)
		Rockwell Collins Part number: 622 0402 009 and the FSC number is 5915-01050-13738
		There is also a 622-0402-001 and a 002 version. We are unaware of the differences.

HF-8060 	Pre-selector/Postselector 622-3386-001 (Early version - later replaced by the HF-8064 series)

HF-8060A	Pre-selector/Postselector - updated version of the HF-8060 version

HF-8064		Commercial version of the HF-8064B

HF-8064B 	Agile HF preselector 622-3522-203 
		A picture here
		Power: 100/115/215/230 V 47-63 Hz. 5.3x19x24, 32 lbs 
                This unit was also replaced with a fully digital one - the PR-2025 (also a break in the numbering).

Couplers Only

180 Family

490 Family

  Coupler, antenna (cap/probe). Microprocessor controlled, pressurized for high altitude operations. TSO approved.

  Coupler, antenna (cap/probe). Same as -001 except has "bird cage" output RF connector. TSO approved.

  Coupler, antenna (long-wire). TSO approved.

  Coupler, antenna (C-5 shunt).

  Coupler, probe for use with the F-1602. Same tuning capability as the CU-2275(V)l.

  Coupler, wire for use with the F-1602. Same tuning capability as the CU-2275(V)2.

	490R Group for high speed aircraft, 200 watts average, 630 watts peak, 2-30 MHz
	It is based on the 309C-4 coupler control system. Used on shunt or notch fed
	antenna designs

	490R-1	for the RF-101
	490R-3	for the F-111
	490R-4A	for the Mirage 4 aircraft

CU-2314(V)1/490R-2	Coupler, digital shunt antenna (F-111)	622-6897-002
CU-2314(V)2		Coupler, digital shunt antenna (F-15/16)	622-7094-002
CU-2314(V)3		Coupler, digital shunt antenna (B-lB)	652-0972-002
CU-2314(V)4/490S-4	Coupler, digital dual shunt. TSO approved (KC-10, C-130, G-III, G-IV)	622-7375-002
490A-5	Coupler, antenna, is an improved tuning range version of the CU-2275(V)2 coupler. 
	The enhanced capabilities include extending the long-wire antenna tuning limit for 
	antennas whose lengths range from 20 to 100 feet (dependent on the aircraft) and 
	extending the capability of tuning a whip as short as 5 meters (16 feet). 
	TSO approved. AC or DC power.
490S-4A	Same as 490S-4 plus receive through tuned circuits (MH-53J/M)	822-0648-001

490X-1 antenna coupler and 309H-1 antenna coupler controller (used in the AN/TSC-60)

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