AN/TSC-60 Evolution

(Note: This is only a very rough guess)

6 November 2005



RF Systems used


AN/TSC-60(V) 1

Vietnam Era

URG-1 Series

Used several antennas, two of which is shown elsewhere in this site. One was a 32 foot vertical and the other was a sloping dipole.

AN/TSC-60(V) 2

Early 1970's

URG-II Series, 208U3 PA's (2)

See pictures elsewhere in this site

AN/TSC-60(V) 3

    This model we think only had one 208U-3A PA system and was housed in a 8ft shelter

AN/TSC-60(V) 4


AN/TSC-60(V) 5


AN/TSC-60(V) 6


AN/TSC-60(V) 7


HF-80 Series

We are told that the Version 7 system was all solid-state and used the HF-80 series amplifiers however this means the system either was a 1 Kilowatt or 10 Kilowatt system. It is unclear.

AN/TSC-60(V) 8


AN/TSC-60(V) 9


AN/TSC-60(V) 10


AN/TSC-60(V) 11

Current Issue



If you have any information on the AN/TSC-60 family, please contact me. We would like to ensure our matrix of the TSC-60 is complete and accurate.

There was perhaps an evolution of the AN/TSC-60 to the AN/TSC-118 as technology became much smaller however, it is unclear what happened to the TSC-118 system. We do know that Rockwell Collins is still teaching classes in the AN/TSC-60(V)-11 series in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.