Modem Wiring Information

24 June 2006
Updated 17 July 2012

Audio Connectors

MDM-3001 (female DB-9)
J-1 Function
1 Shield
2 Transmit audio 1 (paired with pin 6)
3 Key open collector
4 Key Reference (6 vdc)
5 Receive Audio 1 (paired with pin 5)
6 Transmit Audio 2 (paired with Pin 2)
7 Key (6 vdc)
8 Spare
9 Receive Audio 2 (paired with Pin 5)

Cable to HF-801x series Exciter and HF-805x series receiver
MDM-3001 (female DB-9 on the modem - your cable must use a male connector)

J1	Comment						HF-80 system element
==	=======						====================
1	Connect to shield of TX and RX Audio cables
2	TX Audio to HF-801x A1 High			(TB1-1)
3	Key Line HF-801x Exciter			(TB2-6)
5	RX audio to HF-805x Receiver A1 High		(TB1-1)
6	TX audio to HF-801x A1 low			(TB1-2)
9	RX audio to HF-805x Receiver A1 Low		(TB1-3)


Q9600 (2 Channel operation)
Channel 1 ("USB" Connector (male DB-9)
Channel 2 ("ISB" Connector (male DB-9)

1 Receive Audio (IN) (paired with 2)
2 Receive Audio (IN) (paired with 1)
3 Key Line (contact closure with 6)
4 Transmit Audio (OUT) (paired with 5)
5 Transmit Audio (OUT) (paired with 4)
6 Key Line Return (with 3)
7 Not Connected
8 Not Connected
9 Not Connected

Q9600 and MDM-3001
Sync Serial Connector - J2

Pin Number Abbreviation Usage Direction
1	SHIELD Shield Ground -
2	TxD	Transmit Data		Input
3	RxD	Receive Data		Output
4	RTS	Request to Send	 	Input
5	CTS	Clear to Send		Output
6	DSR	Data Set Ready		Output
7	GND	System Ground -
8	CD	Carrier Detect		Output
15	TC	Transmit Clock		Output
17	RC	Receive Clock		Output
20	DTR	Data Terminal Ready 	Input
22	RI	Available, not used 	Output
24	XTC	Available, not used 	Input

Q-9600 Series modem
Async Ports - Comm 1 and 2
Pin Number Abbreviation Usage Direction
1 CD Carrier Detect Input
2 RxD Receive Data Input
3 TxD Transmit Data Output
4 DTR Data Terminal Ready Output
5 GND System Ground -
6 DSR Data Set Ready Input
7 RTS Request to Send Output
8 CTS Clear to Send Input
9 RI Ring Indicator Input

Important note: You will not have any receive function unless DTR is active!
Must be pulled high if not provided by the DTE equipment.

Check your screen options correctly!

We get many mails from people wondering why the modem does not have an output with valid receive
data. You really need to make sure your serial cable is fully wired and your software
application manages these lines correctly!!!

We use "off the shelf" cables from the Linux host (An HP ML-350) to the modem without any issues. 

Additional information is available.

Just send a mail asking for what information you need to be successful.