ViaSat Wiring Information

27 June 2006

Rockwell-Collins Q9600 and MDM-3001 to ViaSat VDC-500 IP Gateway

Rockwell-Collins Sync Serial Connector - J2

Pin Number	Abbreviation	Usage			Direction	VDC-500 (J2)
1		SHIELD		Shield Ground		-
2		TxD		Transmit Data 		Input		3 (output)
3		RxD		Receive Data 		Output		2 (input)
4		RTS		Request to Send 	Input		7 (output)
5		CTS		Clear to Send 		Output		8 (input)
6		DSR		Data Set Ready 		Output		Not Used
7		GND		System Ground 		-		5 (signal Ground)
8		CD		Carrier Detect 		Output		Not Used
15		TC		Transmit Clock		Output		6 (input)
17		RC		Receive Clock		Output		9 (input)
20		DTR		Data Terminal Ready	Input		4 (output)
22		RI		Available, not used	Output		Not Used
24		XTC		Available, not used	Input		Not Used

Q-9600 Series modem
Async Ports - Comm 1 and 2 (information available if needed)


These async ports will not work with the VDC-500 as the VDC-500 requires input clocks for both
transmit and receive

Important note:	(1)	You will not have any receive function unless DTR is active High!
			Must be pulled to logic high if not provided by the DTE equipment
		(2)	VDC-500 should be in position 1 (Full Duplex, 2 clocks, CTS used)

Remember that for normal military use, a crypto box would be installed between the ViaSat 
Unit and the Rockwell modem. However, for non encrypted traffic, the modem and the VDC-500
will work together fine.

ViaSat Sync Connector (J2) (same as used on the VDC-300 series also)

Pin Number      Abbreviation    Usage                   	Direction
1		HPDMIC		Handset Dynamic Mic		Output
2		RXD/HA		Receive Data/Handset Audio	Input
3		TXD		Transmit Data			Output
4		DTR		Data Terminal Ready		Output
5	        GND             Signal Ground                   ---
6		TXC		Transmit Clock			Input
7		RTS		Request To Send (key)		Output
8		CTS		Clear to Send			Input
9		RXC/HD		Receive Clock/Handset Mic	Input
10		PTT		Push To Talk			Output		
11		DM		Digital Mode Select		Output
12		CT0		Channel Bit 0			Input
13		CT1		Channel Bit 1			Input
14		CT2		Channel Bit 2			Input
15		HSPO		Handset Analog			Input

If making a special cable (most likely), ensure that the VDC-500 has pin 13 and 14 tied 
to pin 5 thus allowing the VDC-500 to operate in the correct mode of operation.

Additional information is available. 
Just send a mail asking for what data you need to be successful.