MDM Q9600
Nomenclature:  High-Speed HF Data Modem
Model Number: MDM Q9600
Date of Certification: 26 Oct 2002 
Certification Summary:
Certified as compliant to MIL-STD-188-110B 
System Description:
Q9600The Rockwell Collins Q9600 High-Speed HF Data Modem can transmit data over standard 3 kilohertz (kHz) Single Sideband (SSB) or 6 kHz Independent Sideband (ISB) HF channels at rates ranging from 75 bits per second (bps) to 19.2 kilobits per second (kb/s). The Q9600 is designed to support synchronous and asynchronous data transmission, which allows a wide range of data transmission equipment to interface to the modem. 
Version Information: 
Modem     4.2    24 September 2001
Manufacturer: Rockwell Collins Communications System Division 
PO Box 833807 
Richardson, Texas  75083-3807


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