The AN/TSC-60(V)2 and the Collins Radio URG-II Documentation project

Updated 9 July 2010

We have a number of Rockwell-Collins manuals on the URG-II modules (all of the modules used in the two shelves we have) to scan and add to the site. These include the technical details, theory of operation, tuning tips, schematics, and the part information. We have done some of the cable layouts to help you if you are also considering doing a project like this. We spent a lot of time tracking what each wire did on the "paddle" connectors that plug into the RF shelves.

Areas where we are lacking clarity is in the basic system Control system (the OK-145) and perhaps how the shelter managed the RF cabling.

A project like this is a bit like a crossword puzzle where you are not sure if you have all the pieces and you really do not have a picture of what it should look like at the end. Thus, if you have any pictures of what the TSC-60(V)2 looked like, it would be great! Really useful.

OK-145 Control System interface to Receiver Shelf

OK-145 Control System J2 (INCOMPLETE)

OK-145 J1 Connector (information by Dave Ross)

Control Word Format of the URG-II Remote Control System

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