HF-80 Series, System Elements to Part Numbers

Updated: 2 March2014

Jim Stitzinger, December 2009, Page Editor

Remote Control Systems 	HF-809X

HF-8090 	Control, Exciter 				622-3390-001	HF-8010A
HF-8091		Control, Receiver				622-3391-001	HF-8050A
HF-8092		Control, Receiver-Exciter 			622-3392-001	HF-8070A
HF-8093		Control, 4 Channel Exciter			622-3467-XXX	HF-8014A
HF-8094 	Control, 4 Channel Receiver			622-3477-XXX	HF-8054A
HF-8095		Control, Receiver				622-3386-001	851S-1
HF-8096		SELSCAN Adaptive Processor			622-3502-XXX
VP-100 		Voice Security Unit				622-5750-001
373J-1 		Radio Control Monitor				622-6016-001
C-12083 	Audio Control Unit 				686-5479-001	Grid Computer

Exciters  HF-801X

HF-8010 	Exciter 					622-3389-001
HF-8010A	Exciter						622-3395-001
HF-8012A	Exciter, Extended Range				622-7510-001
HF-8014 	Exciter, 4 Channel				622-4372-001
HF-8014A	Exciter, 4 Channel				622-3473-001
HF-8014A	Exciter, 2 Channel (DDS or "Barn door")		622-3473-210 and the -211 series

Receivers  HF-805X

HF-8050		Receiver 					622-3385-001
HF-8050A	Receiver					622-3393-001
HF-8054		Receiver, 4 Channel 				622-3478-001
HF-8054A	Receiver, 4 Channel				622-3474-001
HF-8054A	Receiver, 2 Channel (DDS or "Barn door")	622-3475-210 and the -211
851S-1		Receiver					622-4272-001
851S-2		Receiver					622-4755-001

Receiver/Exciters  HF-807X

HF-8070		Receiver/Exciter				622-3387-001
HF-8070A	Receiver/Exciter				622-3394-001

Filters  HF-806X

HF-8060		Preselector					622-3386-001
HF-8061A	Band Pass Filter 				622-3497-001	Line flattener
HF-8062 	Filter, Low Pass				622-3514-001
HF-8064		Preselector					622-3522-001
HF-8064B	Preselector					622-7505-001

Power Amplifiers HF-802X

HF-8020 	Power Amplifier 1KW (older Tube version)	622-3380-001
		HF-8030	Power Supply 				622-3383-001
		TS-8020	Panel, Maint.				622-3396-001

HF-8021 	Power Amp 3KW 					622-3381-001
		TS-8021 Panel, Maint. 				622-3397-001
HF-8022 	Power Amp 10KW 					622-0082-001
		TS-8021 Panel, Maint.				622-3397-001
HF-8023		Power Amp 1KW Solid State
		HF-8031 Power Supply				622-3491-001
		HF-8032 Power Supply 3 Phase			622-3512-001
HF-8151A	Exciter/Amplifier				622-7503-001

Antenna Couplers  HF-804X

HF-8040		Coupler, Antenna 1KW				622-3384-001

HF-8040M	Coupler, Antenna Maritime 			622-3513-001

HF-80 Systems

HF-8130		Trans System 1KW 			622-3400-001
HF-8135		RCVR-XMTR  1 KW				622-3401-001

HF-8040 	Trans System 3KW 			622-3402-001
HF-8045		RCVR-XMTR  3KW				622-3403-001

HF-8050		Trans System 10KW			622-3404-001
HF-8055		RCVR-XTMR  10 KW			622-3405-001

HF-80 Test sets

TS-8010 	Extender Card Kit 			622-3431-001
TS-8022 	PA Card Extender  			622-3430-001
TS-8023 	Test Set, PA Cards 			622-3458-001
TS-8023A	PA Card Test Set 			622-8781-001
TS-8024		Test Set, 1 KW Driver 			622-3465-001
TS-8040		Test Set, Cont. Monitor			622-3427-001
TS-8041		Test Set Coupler			622-3466-001
TS-8060		Test Set Preselector			622-3459-001

HF-80 Options

AC-8010 	Key, CW  				622-3415-001
AC-8011 	Foot Switch, Mic 			622-3432-001
AC-8012 	Oven Standard Kit 			622-3460-001
AC-8013 	External Standard Kit 			622-3461-001
AC-8014 	Local Frequency Display  		622-3470-001
AC-8021 	Remote Watt Meter 3KW 			622-3483-001
AC-8022 	Remote Watt Meter 10KW 			622-3484-001
AC-8050 	Headphones, Standard 			622-3412-001
AC-8051 	Headphones, lightweight 		622-3413-001
AC-8075 	TR Switch 3KW  				622-3428-001
AC-8076 	TR Switch 10KW 				622-3429-001
MM-80 		Handheld Mic  				128-0042-010
MM-81 		Handheld Mic 				128-0042-020
SM-80  		Desk Mic  				128-0042-060
SM-81 		Universal Mic 				128-0042-080
		Desk Stand 				128-0042-110


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